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December 2022 Newsletter

The holidays are on their way! Don’t forget Beautiful Beads & More, as you make your shopping lists today!

Hello Dear Friends and the happiest of holidays to you and your family and friends!

We have been working fast and furiously to present to you the beautiful arrangement of gift ideas on our website for your loved ones and perhaps a gift of love for yourself!!!

This year I have traveled the world in beads virtually and in reality and I would like to share some of those with you now.

Agate from Alaska – Beginning with the amazing Agate pieces that I found in a little town in Alaska – the naturally mined agate come in four deep jewel tones that share rustic elegance. Available in fuchsia, red, green, and ebony.

Crystals of Positive Energy – The powers of crystal are vast, and I was delighted to find two of the colors of the titanium coated crystals in a beautiful little shop in New Orleans this past year, and the crystals themselves come from Brazil and the United States. Bring positive energy to you in the colors of gold, silver, vitrail, blue and sunset.

And along with my travels, I was able to discover some beautiful beads from Peru, including our new Ceramic Pottery group within the Southwest Collection. The beautifully bright, vibrant colors can be mixed and matched with a variety of earrings and necklace. Colors and pattern varieties galore!

And I hope you enjoy the beautifully hand painted beads from India that will add beautiful adornment to your ears in exotic beauty. So as we close the year, I am reminded of the song from The Lego Movie as I realize how grateful and humbled by your friendship and your support and as I look to the future, I keep thinking:


Happy Holidays to all and may it be the happiest and healthiest New Year ever!


Barbara Marcus

Beautiful Beads & More

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